Chronic Health Conditions  

• Blood Pressure

• Diabetes

• Elevated Cholesterol

• Metabolic Syndrome

• Thyroid Disorder

• Weight Management 

• Mental Health Conditions

and more


 Labs and Preventative Screenings 

• Covid-19 Testing

Annual Physical Exams

• Cardiovascular


• Chronic Disease

• Vitamin Deficiencies

• Women's Pelvic & Breast Exams

• Pap Smears

and more 

 Acute Care

• Covid 19 Symptoms  

• Cold and Flu Symptoms 

• Migraines/Headache

• Sinus Infections 

• Rashes and Skin Conditions

• Sprains and Bruises

• Urinary Tract Infections 

and more

Primary Care Services

For primary care services, we offer both non-member and membership options. Membership is the core of Prose Medical providing continuity and personalized care for an affordable monthly price. Please visit our membership page for details. Please call or use the contact form to inquire about non-member visit options.


Wondering if Prose Medical is for you? Send us a message below to schedule a complimentary introductory phone or video call to discuss your health concerns and to see if Prōse Medical can help you on your health journey. 

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