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Dr. Krista Marie Collman Direct Access Health Care

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Prōse Medical!

A New Approach to Primary Care.

Prōse Medical is a modern medical practice that aims to provide you and your family with high-quality and personalized healthcare on your terms.

For primary care services, we offer both non-member and membership options. Membership is the core of Prose Medical providing continuity and personalized care for an affordable monthly price. 

Our membership plans offer caring, convenient, and personalized services designed around your lifestyle. Select the plan option that fits your healthcare need.

No Copays. No Deductibles. No Insurance Required.

Direct Access

Quality Care

Personalized Service

Why I started Prōse Medical

I started Prōse Medical because I recognize that there needs to be a change in the way that our healthcare is delivered. The word Prōse comes from the latin meaning “direct” or ‘straight forward”. With this in mind, it’s an opportunity to give you direct personalized care that you deserve.

What does that mean?

At Prōse Medical we don’t depend on insurance. For a monthly membership fee we’re able to provide you with a different level of primary care and wellness services.


Dr. Krista Marie Collman

CEO & Founder 

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Dr. Krista Marie Collman
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Dr. Krista Marie Collman Direct Access Health Care
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If you have are interested in becoming a patient member, or have questions about our services, please do not hesitate to call us.

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